Edgware Road Partnership

Pedestrian Accessibility and Safety

The Partnership would like to see a more accessible Edgware Road for pedestrians, with safer crossings on major junctions and side roads. We will work with Transport for London to add more pedestrian stages at signalised junctions.

As part of the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) Edgware Road is a major transport corridor, with a delicate balance between protecting the capacity of the network and ensuring pedestrian accessibility and permeability.

The junction of Edgware Road, Praed Street and Chapel Street is only partially signalised and sees 4,500 pedestrians an hour use this junction, with an average of 47 buses turning right from Praed Street into Edgware Road per hour. Collisions involving pedestrians, cyclists and children is above the Inner London average here. The junction is critical to the local bus network.

The signal equipment at the junction of Edgware Road, Sussex Gardens and Old Marylebone Road is due to be modernised. We will work with Transport for London to explore a scheme which creates safer pedestrian refuges and enhances the public realm at this junction.

The Harrowby Street junction with Edgware Road is likewise without signals for pedestrians and is used on a daily basis by primary school children and their parents to get to and from Hampden Gurney Primary School.

edgware road partnership

edgware road partnership

edgware road partnership